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        1. Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)
          Mission of the College
          Build Ganfeng team with first-class technology, advanced concept and skillful management
          Ganfeng Business School
          Introduction to Ganfeng Business School

          Founded on April 10, 2011, Ganfeng business school is a professional training organization based on the talent development strategy, taking "the Cradle of Future Leaders" as the positioning, aiming at the training of internal employees and middle and senior management personnel. A strict training plan is formulated every year by combining internal and external trainers. The courses cover the ability improvement and skill training in the fields of safety, production, technology, skills and management, so as to create a learning platform and provide growth opportunities for employees.
          In the past year, 90,322 employees were trained, with a total duration of over 143,770 hours.

          Safety & environmental protection
          Strengthen employees' awareness of safety and environmental protection, popularize laws and regulations, and give priority to training courses on environmental protection measures and safety production norms
          Professional technology
          Training staff professional skills, from production process, to quality audit, sales, administration, finance and other industry knowledge, the course covers a variety of skills, to enhance the competitiveness of employees in the workplace.
          Communication & management
          Improve the management level and communication mode of employees and management. The courses cover career planning, communication skills, advanced management philosophy, etc.
          Latest knowledge
          Regularly launch the knowledge and skills training with the highest demand nowadays, such as the preparation measures for returning to work, the mode of individual income tax remittance, ESG knowledge, anti-corruption lectures etc.
          College Vision

          Become the internal driving force for the continuous evolution of enterprises, and cultivates compound talents integrating technology and management skills.

          College Mission

          Build a Ganfeng team with first-class technology, advanced concept and skilled management.

          College Responsibility

          To build a learning organization, cultivate high-quality management team and business elite team, build a comprehensive talent training platform, and enhance talent reserve.

          College Position

          It is the carrier of Ganfeng culture and the training base of outstanding talents.

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